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Diamond Building, with 22+ years of experience, is a premier full-service design and build firm.

From the initial meeting to move-in, we’ve got you covered – no need to hunt for architects and interior designers; we have the best on our team. Partner with us, and your new home or renovation will be nothing short of stunning, thanks to our meticulous attention to detail, advanced construction methodologies, custom woodworking capabilities, and a strong commitment to environmental consciousness.

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Meet our skilled team of craftsmen and professionals.

The Diamond Building team, with decades of experience and a shared commitment to excellence, is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with passion and precision.

Chris Sentowski

Owner | Operator

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Chris possesses extensive knowledge of the trade and business, coupled with a genuine passion for the craft. Through unwavering dedication, hard work, and perseverance, he achieved the milestone of obtaining his builder's license and successfully launched his inaugural company at the young age of 20.

At Diamond Building, Chris is actively engaged in every facet of the construction process, continually expanding his education, and understanding of the industry. As a leader, Chris exemplifies great qualities, fostering an exciting company culture within Diamond Building. He has adeptly formed a closely-knit team comprising individuals who not only align with his vision but also share his level of commitment and determination.

Beyond the professional realm, Chris is a multifaceted individual. His leadership extends beyond the workplace, as he actively participates in various outdoor activities. Whether it's enjoying serene moments on the lake, tackling slopes while skiing, embarking on snowmobiling adventures, perfecting his golf swing, engaging in spirited hockey matches, or cherishing quality time with his family and wife, Ellen—Chris finds fulfillment in both his personal and professional pursuits.

Cory Burgol

Business Development & Operations

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Corey joined Diamond Building in the early months of 2019, contributing more than a decade of experience in operations management to the team. A proud alumnus of Michigan State University, he embodies the Spartan drive for success, infusing the workplace with his determined spirit.

In his role, Corey plays a pivotal part by delivering comprehensive administrative, technical, and logistical support. His efforts are geared towards maintaining seamless day-to-day operations within the business. Beyond his professional endeavors, Corey finds joy in various personal interests. Whether navigating tranquil waters through kayaking, mastering the art of brewing beer, or getting hands-on with automotive projects, he channels his energy into a diverse range of hobbies during his leisure time.

Steve Brossard

Project Manager

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Steve has been an integral member of the team since its inception. With an extensive history of hands-on experience in the trade, coupled with a high level of professionalism, he has established himself as one of the most well-rounded project managers in the industry.

In his role, Steve takes charge of on-site builds and installations, diligently overseeing trade partners and suppliers. He collaborates closely with designers, architects, and homeowners to ensure a seamless and satisfying customer experience. Steve's commitment to excellence is evident in his ability to navigate the intricacies of project management with finesse.

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Steve finds solace and joy in the great outdoors. Whether it's engaging in the thrill of hunting, casting a line while fishing, enjoying the rush of snowmobiling, or simply spending quality time with family and close friends, he embraces every opportunity to savor life beyond the clock.

Carly Sentowski

Office Manager

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Chris’s sister Carly joined Diamond Building in early 2020, bringing with her a wealth of expertise in office management and bookkeeping. As the dedicated office manager and bookkeeper, Carly plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the administrative side of the business.

With meticulous attention to detail and a keen organizational acumen, Carly oversees financial transactions, budgeting, and record-keeping, contributing to the overall financial health of Diamond Building. Her proficiency extends beyond numbers, as she adeptly manages office operations, streamlining processes to enhance productivity.

Carly's commitment to maintaining a harmonious and organized workplace is evident in her daily efforts. She leverages her skills to support the team, fostering a collaborative and positive work environment. As an integral part of Diamond Building, Carly is instrumental in the company's success, combining professionalism with a personable approach in all her endeavors.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Carly finds joy in spending quality time with friends and family. She cherishes moments with her dog, enjoys disc golfing, embraces the freedom of riding her bike, and finds solace in the serene landscapes of Northern Michigan. In both her professional and personal pursuits, Carly embodies a balanced and dedicated approach, contributing to the vibrant culture at Diamond Building.

Judy Sentowski

Business Support Specialist

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Judy joined the team in 2022, after a 40-year career in the medical field, becoming an invaluable member of the company. In her role, Judy takes on a diverse array of tasks, ranging from basic errands to customer support, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to supporting the team in any way possible.

Her daily contributions go beyond the job description, as Judy's positivity becomes a cornerstone of the company's atmosphere. Her unwaveringly upbeat attitude radiates throughout the workplace, creating a positive and uplifting environment for everyone. The company is undoubtedly enriched by Judy's presence, and her versatile skills and positive demeanor make her an essential asset to the team.

During her leisure hours, Judy engages in a variety of activities that reflect her diverse interests. She takes pleasure in the strategic and social aspects of teaching and playing mahjong, indulges in the immersive worlds of literature through reading, finds solace by the beach, and prioritizes quality time with her family. Judy's array of interests and her commitment to family highlight a well-rounded and fulfilling approach to life.

Aaron Pearlman

Lead Designer

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Aaron is the latest talent to join the expanding team at Diamond Building. A proud graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design, he swiftly became an indispensable member of the crew. Leveraging computer technology and his artistic prowess, Aaron impresses customers with stunning hand-drawn renderings. Furthermore, he manages material sourcing, ordering, and purchasing, showcasing his multifaceted skills.

Outside the professional realm, Aaron finds joy in camping adventures with his family, cherishing the great outdoors. A connoisseur of good craft beer, he appreciates the finer things in life beyond the workplace, contributing to a well-rounded and dynamic team culture at Diamond Building.

Sean Simney

Craftsman | Installer

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Sean, with a keen eye for detail and a steady hand, contributes the artistic touch that elevates Diamond Buildings' skilled in-house carpentry team. His proficiency in both the woodshop and the field makes him not only a valuable colleague but also a trusted ally for clients, transforming their visions into tangible realities.

Beyond the workshop, Sean finds solace and joy in the natural beauty of northern Michigan, embracing the great outdoors. A fervent soccer enthusiast, his passion for the sport adds a dynamic flair to both his professional and personal pursuits. Sean's commitment to craftsmanship and his diverse interests makes him a well-rounded and valuable asset to the Diamond Building team.

Chris Thomas

Craftsman | Installer

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Chris has been a collaborator and close friend of owner Chris Sentowski since 2008, seamlessly integrating into the Diamond Building team from its early stages. His extensive carpentry experience, effective communication skills, and positive attitude significantly contribute to the team's success. Whether framing a complex structure or installing beautiful 3-piece crown, Chris consistently delivers high-quality work.

Beyond the realm of construction, Chris is an avid sports enthusiast, with football, golf, and hockey topping his list of favorite hobbies. His unwavering passion for sports further reflects his dedication to excellence, both in his professional endeavors and personal interests.

Josh Yaroch

Site Superintendent | Craftsman

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Josh's adept on-the-fly problem-solving, meticulous craftsmanship, and keen attention to detail position him as a vital asset within Diamond Building. Holding a builder's license himself, Josh excels as a site supervisor, seamlessly overseeing projects. His visionary approach to creative solutions enables the team to push boundaries and craft unique spaces.

Away from the job site, Josh finds joy in spending quality time with his children & outdoor adventures through camping. His commitment to excellence and passion for imaginative solutions both on and off the job make Josh an indispensable member of the Diamond Building team.

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